Baby did a bad, bad thing

I just got back from a shopping expedition and felt the need to do a Phillip Lim update post. The leather jacket that I had my beady little eye on was in the store, and in my size...though it turns out this is a style you really need to buy one size up. When it "fits" there's a definite biker vibe...instead of the swingy, girl-about-town feel it has when it's slightly oversized. Of course, they didn't have the next size up (in any of their stores across the country) so this is a theoretical discussion. Having tried it and had mixed feelings I wouldn't feel safe ordering it online.

Though I didn't see it on the racks, I asked about the yellow rain slicker. Of course, because (as you may have noticed from my original post) I was trying to talk myself out of buying another raincoat they not only had the one of the jackets "in the back" but also had it, you guessed it, in my size. My inner voice tried all the arguments it could come up with but the jacket managed to subdue the i.v. by being incredibly well cut, with great details...schoolgirl cute...seaside cute...60's French movie cute...

Final score: inner voice - 0, coat closet - 1.


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  • Kayla Bon Bon said...
    10:49 AM
    That is such an awesome jacket! I must say, I'm not with your inner-voice.. it seems like too good of a slicker to pass up :)
  • hebden said...
    11:12 AM
    Thanks. It was too good to pass up, but my i.v. has to put up a fight (however many times it gets beaten down);)
  • 4:55 PM
    I think everybody ought to browse on it.

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