Underground, Overground, Wombling Free

"Underground, Overground, Wombling Free,
The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we.
Making good use of the things that we find,
Things that the everyday folks leave behind.

Wombles are organized, work as a team.
Wombles are tidy and Wombles are clean.
Underground, Overground, wombling free,
The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we!"

It may just be that the heat (close to a hundred degrees today, thanks for asking) is addling my mind but does anyone else see a disturbing similarity between the fur in Prada's Fall/Winter collection and "The Wombles"?

Great Uncle Bulgaria, Tobermory, et al may have been cute but I had never considered them fashion icons...which just goes to show, you never can tell.


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