Hip hip hooray! It's Mouret day...

Having just worked my way through the extensive coverage of Roland Mouret's new RM collection on Net-a-Porter I'm struck by two things:

1) I wish that it was possible to see this level of detail for other designers...the videos of the runway show (with a wonderful Edith Piaf re-mix soundtrack), backstage make-up and hair, and interviews with Christian Louboutin and Mouret himself...the detailed verbal description of each look...and the pages of detail views...all make for an exceptional shopping experience.

2) NAP must be expecting to sell a lot of $3,000 coats to pay for all this.

Having said all this the clothes themselves, in the main, didn't thrill me but I think that's because they were perfect for power dressing women but, let's face it, that's not me.

I loved the pre-Raphelite hair though, especially with the red lips. And, even though I am a flats girl, I did feel my heart melt over Louboutin's patent tipped shoe boots. It it weren't for the fact that I wouldn't be able to stand, let alone walk, in them I'd be experiencing some sleepless nights in the near future.


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