The snake in the grass...

You see before you a woman in shock. Okay, imagine that you see a woman in shock...eyes wide...deer in the headlights expression...the whole bit.

And why? What made my worlds collide on this Saturday morning?

Well, I've found a Coach handbag that I like...(scratch that) love. To put this in perspective, this is like spending your life hating fish, only to try some salmon and discover it's your favorite food. This just shouldn't be happening. Their logo fabric makes me feel like I'm taking a style-themed Rorschach test and the overall vibe of their bags has always made me think high school rather than high fashion.

That is, until I saw their Camilla Printed Python Large Hobo and, as previously mentioned, Mars and Venus went out of alignment. True, the baby blue version is a crime to humanity but in chocolate it looks incredibly rich and luxurious. Add to that the fact that the bag is at least 50% less than any similar bags and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.


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  • 4:49 PM
    I agree..the teal one is horrible but I quite like the chocolate version!h

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