Resistance is futile

Have you noticed that sometimes, despite all your best efforts, you seem to be literally haunted by a piece of clothing? You see it in stores, online, in magazines, wherever...the point is that you manage to talk yourself off the shopping ledge and stop yourself buying it and yet, there seems to be no escape.

Personally, I've been stalked all summer by a See by Chloe denim dress. It seemed like everywhere I looked...there it was...looking all laid back and cute. But I resisted and kept my credit card firmly in my grasp.

Quite frankly, after I avoided the dress in the Net-a-Porter sale, I figured I was safe. But no. When I was checking out garance doré's blog, there it was...if you'll pardon the pun, I am still drawn to it...but this stalking must cease and desist.


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