Who's that girl? What's that bag?

I love looking at streetstyle pictures for inspiration. The only downside is that I see something that I would love to add to my closet and I drive myself crazy trying to track it down. Case in point, the girl below...two cute outfits, one wonderful bag...like an over-sized Pierre Hardy...the grey and orange a perfect color combination.

So now I'm on the hunt. I thought I'd tracked it down when I found Mayle's Tigretta Tote. Close, but no cigar...and the leopard print, though interesting, doesn't appeal as much as the dual-color combo of the original...so the hunt continues. Tally ho!


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  • Chic Looks said...
    3:42 AM
    The green dress she's wearing along with the belt is so adorable, me likey!!

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