The merry widow

I am a woman on a mission. As soon as humanly possible I am going to visit a fabric store and pick up about 6 feet of black tulle and some balls of wool. That's step 1.

Step 2 will involve taking the aforementioned trimmings and attempting to re-create this incredible neckpiece from Boudicca's 07/08 Haute Couture collection.

During step 3, I will wear my new "merry widow" collar with absolutely everything...sweaters and jeans, dresses, over coats...

The rest of the collection, which was presented in Boudicca's Paris apartment, was equally beautiful and several of the looks can be seen here. Masses of lace, origami-like detailing, and exaggerated shoulders...all in neutral shades and all absolutely enchanting.


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  • Cristina said...
    12:58 PM
    Make me one too, please. :)

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