"Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance.” - Lewis Carroll

Well, the pictures have started trickling in...and the overwhelming sensation at the beginning of New York Fashion Week is...bland. Maybe it's just the result of my current sense of ennui at the mere thought of warm weather dressing but everything seems pale...and terribly uninteresting.

Thankfully there are some accessories to lust over, namely the floral and plaid studded bracelets from the Rag & Bone show. Not only delightfully girly-punk but incredibly easy to pay homage to...once I order some studs online.



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  • enc said...
    9:11 AM
    Time to get your "Bedazzler" out!
  • hebden said...
    9:21 AM
    You know...I was actually staring at the Bedazzler on the website I was looking at studs on...then I decided I didn't need another piece of essentially useless plastic in the house. But for a second there...

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