Missing...presumed modified

I have to report a fatality...namely a striped Banana Republic men's t-shirt (a Christmas gift for Mr. Heb several years ago from his mother). The tragedy occurred when the perpetrator (that would be me) saw a picture of Ka Pow Wow's grey jersey necklace. It was comfortingly familiar (the t-shirt fabric)...subtle, yet funky...and a very good candidate for a little DIY (thus "saving" me $99). And so, the replica project was born.

At which point the inspiration/DIY gods threw me a curveball because, when I'd finished my "homage to..." necklace it just...wasn't me...or, should I say, the restrained quality that I'd admired on the original was a little too plain when I was confronted with it in reality. Thankfully my sewing basket spill-eth over, and I had some Victorian rosettes in there...they were originally designed as upholstery finishings but they were a complementary color scheme to the (now sadly diminished) Banana Republic t-shirt so they were added to the mix.

The problem is, I can't decide if I like the end result or not...it's a hybrid...stark versus ornate...modern versus historical...this versus that...not what I intended but not altogether a bad thing.



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  • miss milki said...
    7:17 AM
    I like it! Might even have a go at making one myself.
  • WendyB said...
    8:56 AM
    It looks great! Good job.
  • enc said...
    9:48 AM
    It's a pretty cool idea. I wonder how you'd feel about it after wearing it for a day.
  • 11:46 PM
    I really like the end result! It's very versatile (and who can resist shiny jewels?)

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