I want to be an nineteenth century poet...

Actually, I don't, but there's something so incredibly Byronic and "I may keel over from consumption at any moment but first let me get down some prose" about this ruffle blouse from Built by Wendy. It's completely un-"me"...the double-whammy of my pale skin and the fact that I instantly turn into a stain magnet being enough to keep me away from white clothing...not to mention that, at 5'11", I am not a ruffly kind of girl...ruffles being the inherent closet staple of the small and the chouette.

And yet...under a dress...with the ruffle factor somewhat mitigated (but still evident)...there's a little part of me that wants to wax poetic.


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  • enc said...
    9:34 AM
    I believe you already HAVE waxed poetic. This look is cemented by the tights and boots, too, don't you think? I really like it!

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