Go Johnny go...go...Johnny B. Goode

A small addition to my lace list...in the shape of these rather natty lace and suede saddle shoes from Rachel Comey...which nicely manage to avoid any of the poodle-skirt-wearing-Chuck-Berry-listening-50's-teen-queen associations that these things usually have...if anything these bypass the saccharine completely and have a decidedly androgynous appeal.Photobucket


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  • sp said...
    6:11 AM
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  • enc said...
    9:36 AM
    Unexpected and really sharp. I'd wear those in a heartbeat!
  • Anonymous said...
    9:43 PM
    I love these sooo much. But I have to dress for the life I lead, not for the one I want...That leaves me in bunny slippers or flip flops.

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