Temporary In-Seine-ity...

It's that special time of year again...when the streetstyle (or should that be fieldstyle?) pictures from the Rock en Seine music festival, held in Saint-Cloud's park just outside Paris, are available. On first analysis, I obviously need to get a life, but, in general, the outfit quality seems so much higher than any concert or festival that I've ever attended that it does raise the pulse rate and prove worthy of a little anticipation. Even the leopard print coat from APC (which I got into trouble for mentioning my dislike of previously) looks good...though my heart goes out to the beatnik biker with the day-glo scarf.

For anyone who would like to see more R.E.S. style, check out the amazing blog of Garance Dore.


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  • enc said...
    8:58 AM
    All of these looks are cool and clued-in. I really like the day-glo scarf touch on the girl in black.

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