“...like a Parisian punkette..."

"(It's) like a Parisian punkette. You know, originally the punk (were) English so it's the French version of punk which means a kind of bourgeois. A little chic, elegant and (some kind of) accident (can) happen" - Jean Paul Gaultier

Frequent readers will know that I have been stalking various incarnations of the punk ballet flat...aka a shoe that is black and usually embellished with a few dozen studs. Much like Goldilocks I've been faffing around..."this one's too studded"..."this one's not studded enough"...

I've finally found my prince (oh, oh...mixed fairytale metaphor alert)...and there are no studs at all. Instead Ash's flats combine zips, faux snakeskin, and shiny black leather in just the right proportions.

On a side note...one of the things that I've noticed since I started this blog is I'm a lot more...selective. It used to be more a case of "I like that...I think I'll buy it"...but now there's a good deal of dithering (in a good way). The "irresistible impulse" buys are still taking place...they're just more sporadic. All in all, it feels like a move in the right direction...thanks for all your comments and help with this.



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  • enc said...
    5:41 PM
    Wow, that flat is fantastic. Very refined in a punk kind of way. Your taste is superb.
  • 6:18 PM
    yes those are very cool

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