I'm with the band...?

In High School my musical exploits were short-lived and relatively painful (for those around me) thanks to an infatuation with the trumpet...trying to learn "God Save the Queen" so that I could play with the school band...and a gap between my front teeth which meant that (however hard I tried) I was always playing at a slightly different pitch to everyone else. It was, as they say, not meant to be.

Despite this rather off-putting experience I still have a soft spot for band uniforms...the epaulettes...the gold trim...the copious quantities of braiding and trim...the mood of which is nicely encapsulated in these Marionette Bootie socks. Just the thing to keep my feet happy this Fall...


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  • WendyB said...
    8:16 AM
    Poor you, with your gapped teeth! That's very funny.
  • enc said...
    7:25 PM
    I can't imagine you with a gap in your teeth, but I can imagine you with a trumpet, in these socks. They're cool. You'd have to wear them with cropped trousers or a skirt.
  • jicket said...
    11:04 AM
    Hey, in today's Daily Candy they have a discount code for Hansel from Basel, to wit:

    Hansel from Basel (a favorite among DC gals) offers a 25 percent discount on their fall collection of wool tights and socks when you enter “DailyCandy” at checkout in their new webstore.
  • jicket said...
    11:05 AM
    Hm. I thought it would show the date of my comment, but it doesn't seem to. Today is October 23, 2008
  • 1:33 PM
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