“Clean your finger before you point at my spots” - Benjamin Franklin

It's been awhile but it's time for another addition to my virtual collection of Karl Lagerfeld paraphernalia. I was beginning to get worried that maybe I'd run out of KL goodies but, thankfully, they keep on coming. The latest? A fingerpuppet which goes by the moniker of Karl Lagerfelt...though perhaps even better than the puppet itself is the accompanying text..."Karl is not suitable for small children as he is a choking hazzard and contains small parts".

What can I say? I come from the land of Carry On movies...how can I resist double entendre of that calibre?


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  • WendyB said...
    8:37 AM
    BWAH!!! Loves it.
  • enc said...
    7:22 PM
    The lips are the best!
  • 4:27 AM
    Thank you for your article, really helpful material.

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