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After reading disneyrollergirl's post about the excessive number of eco totes floating around London Fashion Week I feel a little guilty about lusting over another member of the species...in mitigation, I think it's a disease, because as I read her post I was drooling over her photograph of the Mulberry eco-freebie.

It's hard to escape the fact though that they do have their uses...as shoe bags when you need to pack footwear for a trip (certainly more cheerful than a plain cotton bag)...for groceries...or as a handbag-alternative when you want something "fun". And, because they're either inexpensive (or free), you are able to inject a huge variety into your bags...something which isn't always possible given the increasingly high cost of "proper handbags".

So, somewhat sheepishly, I'm going to admit a fondness for this book bag from Karen Walker...featuring her trademark runaway girl logo in puffy paint...I defy you to have a bad day when you're in close proximity to puffy paint. Thankfully (because I probably don't need another tote) the bag is too white for me. I have no allusions about my messy ways and know that it would last about 5 minutes in its perfect, virginal, form...and a grubby tote just doesn't have the same allure.


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  • enc said...
    10:08 AM
    It's really great. Subtle with the nearly identical colors.

    I have a couple of totes, but none as glamorous as the ones you all have been receiving as participants in fashion week. I try to use them as much as I can.
  • 4:20 AM
    Very helpful piece of writing, much thanks for this article.

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