V for...Victory?

At this point I think we're all wearily familiar with the "V" pose...however I was optimistically supposing that it was only being used (and abused) by hipsters, young Hollywood, and OOF (off-spring of the famous). It turns out I was sadly mistaken and this disease has infiltrated Paris Vogue (witness Carine Roitfeld v-ing with the best of them).

Won't somebody stop the madness...please.


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  • WendyB said...
    12:33 PM
    I hate that pose, yet I'm scared I'm going to start doing it just because it's infiltrated my mind.
  • enc said...
    8:07 PM
    I refuse to do it.
  • susie_bubble said...
    5:51 AM
    Is it an ode to Sailor Moon?
  • 3:32 PM
    Hahaha.. she must be sarcastic. Must be.

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