“The gingham dog and the calico cat, Side by side on the table sat” - Eugene Field

Work has been so hectic for the last couple of weeks that I have been thanking the Blogger Gods for the gift of scheduled posts...and cursing my luck that this burst of activity had to fall during Fashion Week(s)...thereby allowing me virtually no time for serious perusal of all the images on Style.com.

One of the few shows that I did have a chance to click through was Rag & Bone...I know, I mentioned this before in relation to their pretty/punk accessories but...bear with me...because I couldn't get their gingham shirt and/or tie combos out of my head.

I don't think I've worn a tie since high school (and how could I forget the grey, maroon, and mustard yellow ensembles from my childhood?) but I couldn't resist the call of check on check...especially when Mr. Heb had a pale blue gingham tie hanging in his closet...and I had a pair of unworn Mary Jane's of a similar hue (if you squint...as they're the kind of color and finish you'd usually associate with 70's muscle cars).

Now I just need to find some time to catch up and browse through all the other collections...



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  • enc said...
    11:29 AM
    Rag & Bone is by far my favorite collection. I love how narrow it is, and that tie/menswear look is superb. Especially on you.
  • 10:55 PM
    I love that combo on you!
  • 9:52 AM
    You always wear things in such a fresh way. Great! :)
  • Anonymous said...
    2:22 PM
    Tie in neck, on.
    But overall silhouette is not there.

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