“I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you it will be with a knife.” - Louise Brooks

Things I don't really need...#243...a shiny black acrylic ink-splot hat from Tatty Devine. Not only because I lack the 1920's film star hair necessary for this kind of headpiece but also because of the disturbingly high price tag but (oh, gosh) how I want it...Photobucket


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  • enc said...
    9:51 AM
    That's a fun one. Imagine the comments you'd get.

    I love that Brooks quote, btw.
  • miss milki said...
    10:13 AM
    Fabulous! Especially with the matching ink splot make-up. Not even going to look at the price though!
  • 10:30 PM
    It's a fun modern take on the vintage classic. I wish there are enough people to understand what it is (even without the matching makeup) to justify the price.

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