"My wife says I'm the second smartest. She claims there are 80 guys tied for first." - Peter Falk as Columbo

I know I've mentioned before that there are certain items which I tend to, for want of a better expression, collect. I realize that I'm not alone in being a collector...for some people it's stamps...for others it's souvenir spoons...for me it just happens to be coats and handbags.

That's right, just when I thought I had talked myself out of the urge to buy more coats that there are cold days of the year to wear them I walked into H&M and fell head over heels for this empire-waisted, bubble-bottomed, double-breasted trench. Do I need another trench? Not even remotely. Could I resist the unusual take on such a practical item? Not a hope.

I'm consoling myself with the fact that a) there will always be rainy days and b) the coat, though pricey by H&M standards, is also very well made. I wonder what argument souvenir spoon collectors use when they come home with yet another utensil embossed with the Eiffel Tower...



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  • enc said...
    12:35 PM
    It was worth it; any trench with a new twist always is. Especially that one!
  • jicket said...
    4:13 PM
    That pic of you with the umbrella is super-cute.
  • Alexandra said...
    5:45 PM
    The profile isn't particularly flattering- I think it would look great with some skinny jeans and pointy-toed heels.
  • iceland said...
    12:59 PM
    Oh no, how sad, finally when I see a trench I like (and even affordable from H&M) I'm 4 years too late :$
    Well looks beutiful on you, hope you have enjoyed it as much as I would have :p
  • site said...
    8:53 AM
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