"He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words." - Elbert Hubbard

I've always rather liked the Victorian calling card concept......whiskered gents...and their corseted ladies...visiting friends...and leaving a card to commemorate the fact...and gently remind them that a reciprocal visit was now in order...as detailed in this extract from the book Decorum, published in 1877, "Visitors should furnish themselves with cards. Gentlemen ought simply to put their cards into their pocket, but ladies may carry them in a small elegant portfolio, called a card-case. This they can hold in their hand and it will contribute essentially (with an elegant handkerchief of embroidered cambric) to give an air of good taste."

With the updated version...All Occasions Cards...available from Brooklyn based design trio You And Me The Royal We...your bases are covered...from "thank you"...to "sorry"...to "fuck you"...you can make your feelings perfectly clear, without a word being spoken. How wonderfully, passive-aggressively, early 20th century.


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  • Carlene said...
    9:54 AM
    I need those fuck you cards. They need shut up cards for commuting.

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