It's a crewel, crewel summer...

I'm going to blame the horrifically bad Bananarama pun above on the cough medicine that I am downing to try and beat the spring cold that I managed to catch. Why is is that warm weather colds are so much more depressing than their cold weather brethren?

Brown top - Max Studio, v-neck - Club Monaco, cardigan - J Crew, crewelwork skirt - Nicole Farhi, suede Chelsea boots - Frye, bag - Miu Miu



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  • jicket said...
    11:51 AM
    Because you are alone in having a cold. Alooooone......

    p.s. Gorgeous outfit. One of my favorites!
  • L'age moyen said...
    12:28 PM
    Love the red and blue. One of my all time favourite combos (see my post on same combo at Feb.18.10.
    I love the miu miu purse so much it hurts.
    Try cinnamon, hot water and honey. It's an anti-viral.
  • Jennifer said...
    2:00 PM
    I think it's because in the warmer weather you want to be outside enjoying the day and in the winter it feels sort of nice to hide under the blankets and nurse your cold. Feel better soon!

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