"Who ever said that pleasure wasn't functional?" - Charles Eames

It has to be said...there are a lot of visually utilitarian bags out there (for, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, the mix of leather and canvas makes me think 'hard-working, functional, utility')...that are completely useless. Useless because they fail to meet at least one of the three prerequisites that I require from a bag which I'm going to use for work and travel...
  1. It must be large enough to hold a laptop, camera, iTouch, all the assorted cables and peripherals that allow the aforementioned technology to work, notebooks, wallet, phone, a vintage pulp fiction novel...and all the other odds and sods that are necessary on a daily basis.
  2. It must be well constructed...it will be jammed under airplane seats...thrown down in frustration onto airport floors after I've walked a few miles from gate A to ZZZZ lugging it and a bag of clothes...and generally mistreated.
  3. It must...and here's the major issue that I'm having at the moment as I browse round various website...it must close. Almost every bag I've found is either wide open (with one small inner pocket, large enough to hold your keys and not much else)...or "fastened" by one small magnet or button. Apart from the risk of your bag falling over and your belonging flying hither and thither...does no one worry about pickpockets anymore? I may just be a paranoid little Scot but isn't a gaping bag pretty much an open invitation for someone to grab your wallet?

And that's how things stand...I'm being taunted by bags that are visually appealing yet ineffectual. Am I really asking for so much?


From top to bottom: Balenciaga large Sunday tote, Makr's natural canvas tote with undyed Horse Front (HF) leather straps, canvas and leather tote - handmade in Japan, Banana Republic's leather and linen tote


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  • Mossback Meadow said...
    7:48 AM
    I recommend the Kakadu Utility Bag. Has a sturdy zipper closure. I have 2 of them - the sage green is really nice.
  • enc said...
    9:31 AM
    Balenciaga makes lots of bags that close. But they also force one to open one's wallet! I like the one you have here, but it's only useful to you if you like the features and the price.

    All of these look good, don't they?
  • Hebden said...
    12:37 PM
    Mossback - thanks, I'll take a look

    enc - that's my problem...they all "look" good...and fulfill my leather and canvas urge...but are useless from a practical standpoint.

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