"The power of philosophy floats through my head, Light like a feather, Heavy as Led" - Bob Marley

There is the luggage that you pick up and think, "My God...how can it be this heavy when it's completely empty? By the time I've thrown a couple of t-shirts and a toothbrush into its murky depths I won't be able to lift the darned thing."

Then there are the bags that are deceptively light in the store yet, once packed, transform into unwieldy clunkers that require a week's worth of pre-trip exercise to enable you to lug them around.

Then there are the too good to be true...I bet Tinkerbell had a bag this light when she flitted around with Peter Pan...variety...like the bag below which tips the scale at a mere 135g.


Something that seems like a dubious claim until you realize that they are made of that brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers that we all know and love...Tyvek. All the Tyvek-y pros are there...the bags are waterproof, tearproof, and 100% recyclable...and the cons (a passing resemblance to an extremely large Air Mail envelope) have been mitigated by the shiny, silkscreen printed, colors. A rare mix of the durable, the practical, and the aesthetically pleasing...


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  • Robin Edgerton said...
    9:15 AM
    i've been playing with making stuff out of tyvek...i only wish i could find the stuff in such lovely saturated colors as this company uses.
  • Jennifer said...
    2:46 PM
    I'm kind of fascinated by the blue one.
  • 9:58 PM
    Will check out. My bag fits in the 1st category of absurdly ALREADY heavy. Shame since it's so gorgeous and I have the matching laptop bag. But unless I have a direct flight I won't be traveling with either of them.

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