Americans...and an icy body

"Americans are among the strongest believers in claims that Pluto, discovered in 1930, is a planet. Others, like me, say it's an icy body rather than a planet." - Dr. Noah Brosch

As someone to whom the word "shorts" is synonymous with clown-haters and the mold at the back of the refrigerator (I know they exist, I just don't acknowledge their presence) what I am about to say is slightly shocking...I have lost my heart to a pair of 1930's, high-waisted bloomers.

Sadly, from a closet if not a sanity perspective, their waist measurements and mine do not match. Which is a shame as these are shorts I could get along with...shorts that masquerade as a skirt...shorts with a little history behind them...and shorts with a delicate crochet detail on each leg.

Once again I'm forced to admit that some things are just not meant to be...



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