"Sweet dreams are made of this...Who am I to disagree?" - Eurythmics

Sunday mornings always make me think of long breakfasts in bed...lolling around reading the papers...surrounded by a general feeling of laziness and inability to do anything that could be deemed in the least bit constructive or energetic. Of course, as with every other scenario, my thoughts turn to what to wear.

In winter such daydreams center around thick woolen socks, plaid pajamas, and old school dressing gowns but in summer something altogether less substantial is in order...something like this pajama set from APC. Sweet dreams indeed...



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  • Madelene said...
    3:55 PM
    La Garconne's site is dangerous to look at.. APC nightwear and Repettos, in one picture? Yes please..
  • noa said...
    5:56 AM
    I love pajamas!!


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