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"The City of New York is like an enormous citadel, a modern Carcassonne. Walking between the magnificent skyscrapers one feels the presence on the fringe of a howling, raging mob, a mob with empty bellies, a mob unshaven and in rags." - Henry Miller


Just once I'd like to spend a day in a way that didn't involve some kind of ten mile death march...if only because it would open up a few more footwear options. Though, it has to be faced, wandering is what I's in my bones...I just need to accept that (and the fact that all my dresses will be paired with Cons at some point).

Embroidered dress - Comptoir des Cotonniers, t-shirt - American Apparel, lo-tops - Converse, bag - from a MOMA exhibition

Yesterday was spent with my favorite things...Mr. Heb (just visible as a reflection in the blue painting) city...and an inordinate amount of good food and drink (iced mocha's...warm pain au chocolat...sangria...sugar snap peas with shallots and tarragon...shrimp with large crystals of sea salt clinging to their sides...Manchego cheese and quince paste).


I'm a very happy little Heb...demoralized only by my footwear and the translation of a poem from a Japanese woodblock print from the mid-1700's that I stumbled across in the art gallery...

"Despite all I do
It is of no avail -
My body has grown old;
While the waterfall remains
Unchanged in its appearance."


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  • Linn said...
    11:13 AM
    Nice dress.
    I really like your blog!
  • mosey said...
    6:07 PM
    Wearing different kinds of shoes is overrated :) One of my favorite fashion moments ever is seeing Charlotte Flax (played by Winona Ryder) in the film, Mermaids. She wears the same pair of awesome, old, clompy boots every single day until they define her.
    really cute dress by the way...
  • Hebden said...
    9:01 AM
    mosey - it's odd, I'm actually fine with the idea of wearing the same pair of shoes a lot (even though there are a lot of other pairs in my closet)'s when I feel like I "have" to wear them because of the inordinate amount of walking that I'm proposing to do that makes me whine...
  • Colon Cleanse said...
    1:00 AM
    Nice dress.
    I really like your blog!

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