“Change is scientific, progress is ethical; change is indubitable, whereas progress is a matter of controversy.” - Bertrand Russell

After a fair amount of prevarication (and just a pinch of mindless pottering) I finally sat down yesterday and put in the time necessary to finish up my blog re-design...I'll be moving over to the new layout shortly and would love to hear what you think...especially if anything looks odd (or is, heaven forbid, completely nonoperational).

Images on archival posts are a smidge longer than the space available in the new format and will, in consequence, look a little abbreviated. I'm hoping that's the biggest issue...but this was some of the most finicky coding that I've done to date...and I'm an awful pessimist...so I'd like to ask, upfront, for your patience over the next few days as I iron out any glitches.



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  • Anonymous said...
    8:22 AM
    I like your new design! As usual great posts and always soooo entertaining!
  • Sabina said...
    2:20 PM
    I like it! And will make the muffins - I never thought they would be so easy...
  • Hebden said...
    8:26 PM
    Anon - thanks!

    Sabina - hope you like them...I'm a lazy cook at the best of times so I love the fact that I can be half asleep and still make these.

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