“Ladies and Gentlemen, I kindly ask you to stay in your seats with your belts fastened. Obviously, this is not a normal situation” John Morrison

Once again I find myself lusting over something which is forcing me to consider the conceptual problem that I have with reality versus the altered universe where I would wear all of the articles of clothing that I steer clear of in real life. Shorts would inhabit this other-world...as would jumpsuits...and belts.

Belts like this biker-meets-pro-wrestler number courtesy of Topshop. In mythical fairyland mode I know that it would be a perfect addition to any floaty, summery items in my closet...in reality I know that, much as I love it, if I actually succumb and buy it it will get worn (optimistically) once or twice and then join the "my God, why did I buy this?" pile at the bottom of closet #2.Photobucket


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