“For thus saith the LORD, Thy bruise is incurable, and thy wound is grievous.” - the Bible

You may have noticed yesterday that, currently, I have more bruise than leg...at last count there were about ten of the little swines...ranging in size from a modest scuff-mark to a just-under-2-inch-in-diameter behemoth on my thigh (I only hope that the table I walked in to is feeling as badly as I am right now).

Why is it that my general, year-round, klutziness goes into overdrive once the temperature heats up? In the last week I have bumped into so many pieces of furniture that I've lost count...of course, as I'm British, I apologize to each of them...and each, in return, has left its own indelible mark.

The only thing to take comfort in...and I'm stepping (warily, and in the knowledge that I'll probably bump into something) into grasping at straws territory here...is that I'm not alone...as shown by Alexa Chung (well, her lower limbs at least) in gorgeous Chanel shoes...accessorized by a fair number of bumps and bruises.



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  • AM said...
    9:30 AM
    I just love that you apologize to the furniture. I'm an American through and through - I curse them out when I bump into them.

    I've been using self tanner in an attempt to hide my bruises. FYI, it doesn't work.
  • 11:20 AM
    I, too have serious bruising on the front of my legs. (I took a tumble down a flight of stairs several years ago). That's one of the reasons the maxi dress will always be in fashion for me. Some days, I toss all vanity to the wind a sport a knee length skirt.
  • 2:07 AM
    I've been a card-carrying member of Klub Klutz ever since I could remember. I have quite a few of those small bruises, and just got a couple of huge ones when I tripped and fell (get this) in open court. I think I'll lay off those 4.5 inch heels for a while...
  • Hebden said...
    2:02 PM
    It was so good to hear back from everyone on this...I was beginning to feel like I was the only one this happened to...

    AM - I'm so pale that self tanner doesn't work on a normal basis

    RiAnge - that's the thing...I know that, in prior years, it's been pure vanity that's kept me sweltering in tights and jeans...this year I'm trying my hardest to be more sensible

    SRR - ouch! Though, on the upside, you have the excuse of the heels...as a flat wearer I don't even have that to (pardon the pun) fall back on.

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