“Till old experience do attain...To something like prophetic strain.” - John Milton

A couple of days of heavy duty, but thoroughly aimless, walking have left me tired and nursing what I believe, after a consultation with Web MD, to be a strained muscle near my left ankle. Much as I hate to admit it, I'm beginning to think that a pair of Converse hi-tops...even those with some gel insoles from Dr. Scholl nestling inside...may not offer the level of support required for a ten or twelve mile walk along city streets.

This bout of realism however raises the ugly, and I use the term advisedly, question of what footwear actually would. I know myself well enough to say that I'd rather be required to apply ice packs ad infinitum than wear therapeutic, though hideous, options (having been scarred, in childhood, by an ingrown toenail/jesus sandal affair).

What to do? Any suggestions out there in blogoland?


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  • Katherine said...
    8:19 AM
    doc marten's. just don't get too arty with them. pick black or a solid color and femme them up with black ribbon laces if you want. ebay has lots of used docs if you don't want to spend $170.
  • elle s'ennuie said...
    3:50 AM
    I mostly wear regular ballet flats on my long walks (a few hours per day is usual), of course many are as unsupportive as Converse, but some do have more substantial soles...
    Clarks makes comfortable shoes that are not hideous (well, some are but not all ;)). Also, I have a pair of Hush Puppies that have the most heavenly cushioned soles.
  • 3:42 PM
    I have a pair of Nike Airwalks that were specifically marketed as walking shoes. Bought them years ago on clearance from Nordstrom, and I still count them as the most comfortable shoes I own. The cushioning is just fantastic, and they look good, too. Not sure if they sell the AirWalks anymore, but while my other more recent pairs of Nike sneakers (not running shoes) were purchased mostly for the colorful looks, they are very, very comfortable for walking around town for hours.

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