“The world is full of people whose notion of a satisfactory future is, in fact a return to the idealized past” - Robertson Davies

It's the old story...you have a good friend...with whom you fall out of touch (not your fault, nor hers either, these things just happen)...a few years go by and you meet again...within five minutes you realize that a) she's the same and b) she's completely different.

Such were my thoughts as I looked at some pictures from Phoebe Philo's debut collection for Celine (2010 resort for those playing at home) on Style.com...you still recognize the cool girl that you knew at Chloe...but in the intervening years she's become an equally cool, though more grown-up, woman. The friendship remains...but there'll be that awkward few minutes of guilt on each side...followed by a lot of catching up.


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  • Anonymous said...
    2:50 PM
    Does anyone know what the material is of the fur coat?

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