"Aloha kākou" is a common form of "welcome to all"

I admit it, I'm a sucker for store rewards cards...somehow my rampant consumerism seems slightly mollified if I get some kind of cash back. So I was happy to see that Aloha Rag now offers a free membership card which gives discounts on purchases, starting at a modest 3% and going all the way up to 14%. The catch (and isn't there always a catch) is that you need to rack up $30,000 worth of purchases to qualify for the 14% reduction.

And that's how my Sunday fantasy shopping challenge came into being. Are there, I wondered, enough items currently on the Aloha Rag website that I would genuinely buy (if I had the money) to ring the 30G prize bell? Well, I'm not sure if I should be disappointed or relieved but the answer is no...$12,392 was the best I could manage. Ah well, I shall just have to try harder next time...

Alexander McQueen parrot print smock dress - $876

Martin Margiela v-neck cardigan - $410

Martin Margiela cape - $392

Martin Margiela white tabi shoes - $646

Alexander McQueen silk frill blouse - $998

Phillip Lim shift dress - $547

Martin Margiela python second bag - $1,475

Alexander McQueen v-neck silk top - $1,155

Chloe bay satchel bag - $1,540

Luis Morais yellow gold & hemp shell bracelet - $1,140

Chloe gingham blouse - $1,380

Ann Demeulemeester pearl necklace - $200

Alexander McQueen skull flats - $448

Phillip Lim button skirt - $310

Golden Goose distressed leather boots - $875


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