Green mossy banks of the Lea

When first in this country
A strange curiosity caused me to roam
Over Europe resolved for to ramble
When I left Philadelphia my home
Until I came to old England
Where forms of great beauty do shine
There I beheld a fair damsel
And I wished in my heart she was mine.
One morning I careless did ramble
Where the pure wind soft breezes did blow,
It was down by a pure crystal river
Where the sweet pearly waters did flow.
It was there I espied this fair creature,
Some goddess appearing to be
As she rose from the reeds by the water
On the green mossy banks of the Lea.

It's belated, by necessity, but I feel the need to add my two-cents to the Kate Moss for Topshop discussion. For obvious reasons I didn't stand in line at the Oxford Circus store for the evening preview or go to there when they opened at 7am the next morning. But I did find myself in the area later that day and, as there were no noticeable crowds, I ventured inside. On the plus side, the smoothies and pastries that were being handed out were lovely...but, sadly, I can't say the same for the clothes. The feel of the fabric and look of the pieces was, in the main, cheap...which is okay, IF the prices are cheap...but these weren't, not by a long shot.
The accessories however weren't bad...decent quality, a little bit funky, and able to be added to an outfit without making everyone who sees you think "someone's trying to be Kate Moss". The gladiator sandals with the red laces were really nice, but not for me...the white swallow sunglasses though were perfect (I'd lost mine in "the Uniqlo incident"), they managed to combine hints of Diana Dors, rockabilly, and 50's starlets in Cannes...all that and a rather nice carrying case and nifty patterned polishing cloth...not bad for £18.00.

I'm interested to see what happens when some of the range comes to Barneys Co-Op on May 9th. The current exchange rate being what it pound working out to just over two dollars...I think sticker shock may calm any instances of hysteria...but we'll see.


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  • palmcop said...
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    The writer is totally right, and there is no skepticism.

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