Singing the blues...and reds

This porridge it too hot
This porridge is too cold
This porridge is just right

I was having a Goldilocks crisis this morning. Having finally decided to wear my insane air hostess outfit I discovered that the glittery red shoes I'd envisioned wearing were just a little "off" from the red of the jacket.

Time was ticking as I opened my closet door and quickly realized just how many pairs of black shoes I own...of the remainder there were two possible contenders.

Blue cut-out flats - unfortunately of such a different shade to the skirt that I would have come across as color blind...distance lends enchantment and the two shades were too close for comfort.

Topshop Japanese flag flats - I love these shoes but with this outfit I went from camp to cartoon in one, very small, step.

The clock was running what was the end result? Inevitably I wore the red shoes I'd initially considered. Why does this always happen? Why?


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