The king of fashion is dead...what a strange dress to mourn in

As the theme for the annual Costume Institute gala at the Met last night was Paul Poiret it was surely reasonable to assume that the evening's clothing would fall under one of two categories; either paying a homage to Poiret's designs or showcasing the best in modern fashion. Sadly, there were two categories that I never even considered...prom (both the dowdy and the stripper-ish varieties) and the bake-in-a-bag-chicken look (I love elements of silver or gold in an outfit but when the dress, shoes, AND bag all appear to be made from tin foil it's no longer chic, more chic-ken).

So, here are my favorites (both in a good way and in a can't-look-away-from-a-car-crash) kind of way.

The Poiret Tributes

Jessica Stam looked perfectly period in Dior Couture

Hamish Bowles' custom Tom Ford robe was an inspired choice, both in color and design

Dr. Lisa Airan pulled out all the stops by wearing a Paul Poiret cape over her custom Rodarte dress

The Best of Modern Design

Miuccia Prada proved, once again, that women over a certain age do not need to look dowdy or matronly in the evening

Charlotte Gainsbourg, as usual, beautiful in Balenciaga

Mary Kate Olsen in Giambattista Valli

Attack of the Killer Prom

No words are required...

Sarah Wynter wore a Calvin Klein Collection bridesmaid/prom combo look

Marc Jacobs, the man, looked incredible...Marc Jacob's dress on Winona Ryder, looked like something from an 80's prom

Foiled Again

Kate Bosworth took the nod to the 30's too far with the hair and everything else too far with the's a kind of 1930's movie starlet look which may have been workable at the Oscars but didn't look good at a fashion event

Eva Mendes' Michael Kors' ensemble is the one that made me think chicken in tin foil...

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, on the other hand, accented her outfit with gold and looks gorgeous

My overall feeling when looking at the pictures of the attendees was one of disappointment. This is a fashion event and the main thing should be the fashion...the designers, the models, the clothes, and the people who genuinely love clothes...instead it looked like a movie premiere...


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  • ma vie en rose said...
    7:34 PM
    I totally agree...I always look forward to the Costume Institute as it represents for me the social butterfly moment of the fashion world. It makes me sad that the fashion world has attached to Hollywood like a limpet...originality is no longer appreciated as it once was.
  • site said...
    8:42 AM
    In my opinion everyone must look at it.

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