Neon Flux

Neon, Day Glo, call it what you's always tended to make me think of the worst of 80's fashion or, more recently, Nu Rave.

Sure, in the last few years I've bought a few bright-ish accessories (most noticeably Nathalie Costes' oversized wooden necklace) but the combination of all the grey, navy, and tan currently sitting in my closet waiting for an infusion of color and images like the one on the right from the May issue of UK marie claire have made me want to dip my toe more deeply in the fluorescent pool.
And speaking of toes...the goody bag on our Virgin Atlantic flight home provided some rather nifty acid yellow socks, but I need more...a visit to American Apparel is in order to secure some t-shirts in shocking pink and yellow, and possibly their royal blue cardigan as well.

The future is definitely looking bright...


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