Issues, issues everywhere...and not a drop to drink

Apologies for the reduction in posts; I'm having problems connecting to the internet, something that always seems to happen around the holidays. Anyway, technology difficulties mean less time browsing the web and more time for introspection...albeit on a web-by theme.

A few days ago I was asked how the "blogging thing" was going and if I really imagined that people were interested in reading about non-celebrities. To be honest, I hadn't thought of it that way...I regard my blog, and a lot of others as online 'zines (admittedly with limited readership) as opposed to "Dear Diaries".

After all, there's an incredible worldwide community of fashion bloggers out there...each with their own unique viewpoint. And, while I may not admire the same designers as person A, or be able to pull-off the outfits of person B, it's that diversity which makes it all so interesting. I can appreciate their enthusiasm and see the same overall passion in them as in myself...and it's a passion that appears to be lacking in a lot of the magazines on newsstands today and, let's face it, in the majority of people that we know in "real" life.

With all that going for it, I feel proud to be a non-celebrity blogger.


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