Lightning doesn't strike twice...does it?

Back in 2002 (isn't it depressing how long ago that seems?) I lusted after one of the bags created as part of the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Julie Verhoeven...sadly it wasn't meant to be...though I do still have an occasional daydream about that cute little patchwork snail making its way through its Alice in Wonderland-esque habitat.

So when I heard that Julie Verhoeven had created a capsule collection for Mulberry, which will be available this Fall, I wondered if I was getting a second chance...after all the definition of "skewed English eccentricity and tradition, a surreal English rose" used to describe the collection could equally apply to me (on a good day). Unfortunately, while I like the tote bag and dress, I don't love lightning, just a mild thunderstorm.


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  • Le Portillon said...
    12:45 PM
    to me, that bag looks really cheap!
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    2:25 PM
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