Par Avion

My first Chanel experience was when my mother took me as a child to one of their make-up demonstrations...twenty women in a room each with their own workstation, each desperately trying to emulate the instructor...the resulting 80's-explosion-in-a-paint-factory look is probably the reason I am a minimal make-up girl now.

But I digress...although Chanel's 07/08 Cruise collection shown at Santa Monica Airport last Friday had some nods to the 80's there was nothing to cause the flashback above, lust maybe, but not flashbacks.

The bags and shoes shown on French Vogue's site offer a few things to add to my wish list (and a new reason to save money)...especially the futuristic spats on the right. It's depressing; I used to just be a bag girl (a barely affordable addiction) I'm turning into a shoe and bag girl (one!)

But what I found most inspiring were the three looks below. They're not particularly fancy or over-the-top, but they combine a sense of ease with a dash of cool to just the right degree.


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