"Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem"

Or...as Newton's third law, the law of reciprocal actions, states "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction". In this instance, that equates to the shoe that I love but would be unable to stand up in...aka Repetto's suede heeled loafer (a shoe that, to me at least, demands to be worn by a 60's era Catherine Deneuve)...and the viable alternative that I could actually (damn my practical self) walk in...aka Urban Outfitters' rather unappealingly named 'Leather Lady Heel'.

Side by side, one is but a poor imitation of the other...but if you separate them...and squint...on second thought, perhaps I need to revisit the original question...after all, is mobility an absolute necessity?


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  • dust said...
    3:05 PM
    This color of suede adds 10cm of pure leg length when worn barefoot. Just like that.

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