Why Don't You?

There used to be a children's television show on the BBC entitled "Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do Something Less Boring Instead?"...the gist of the show being, somewhat perversely (though unsurprisingly given the title), suggestions of interesting things to do which would, if successful, lure you away from the t.v. and the very program you were watching.

All of which has very little to do with the rest of this post...except that, despite the frigid temperatures, the other day found Mr. Heb and I yearning for a little fresh air. In true "Why Don't You?" fashion I suggested a trip to the museum and a little window shopping on the way...Mr. Heb fell in with the plan on the understanding that our outing would include a side-trip to Orvis for something utilitarian in the glove line (Mr. Heb's current pair falling into the "more hole than glove" category).

I've mentioned Orvis before...being filled to the rafters with Barbour and Viyella it reminds me of my childhood...at least the men's section does...the women's area being less outdoors-y and more "Women's Institute...making jam...and having tea with the vicar"...in other words, mumsy. But, looking at gloves can only hold you in thrall for so long (i.e. about five minutes)...and I found my feet heading towards the sensible skirts and turtlenecks...where, to my amazement, I found this little item...ribbed sleeves...leather trim...funnel neck collar...faux fur lining...all wrapped up in a "60's snow bunny hanging out at the ski lodge" package. It looks appalling on their website...and wonderful in real life...something to wear on part two of "The Great Glove Hunt" I suppose...


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