"The devil is in the details" - German proverb

The only problem at this time of year...apart from feeling less than svelte after all the festive binge-ing...and yearning for a little sunshine to break through the grey skies...and...

Okay, not the only problem...but one that's fairly high up my list at the moment...is the fact that attempting to escape hypothermia is rarely chic (I’m talking on a day-to-day basis here... when tights, jeans, shirt, sweater, scarf, coat, and miscellaneous other assorted layers, are needed to simply pop out and get a bottle of milk). Nor is it remotely uplifting...it being hard to feel your best when you’re channeling a cross between an Oompla Loompa, a sherpa, and a deranged bag lady.

My current solution is to focus on the details...be they the tangible variety, like this vintage scorpion ring...or more subtle and personal...a favorite scent or comfortingly soft cashmere sweater. For those of you in a similarly frost-bitten state, a question...how do you survive the "so padded I feel like an over-stuffed sofa" blues?


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  • annemarie said...
    10:02 AM
    I too am suffering through an midwest winter, but to be honest, I rather like dressing for this weather. I love coats (I waiver between two different sheepskins and one faux fur extravaganza-- each one is a show-stopper, certainly not for the diminutive), scarves (love), hats (love), boots (love).

    Underneath, I just layer, which everything looks more interesting, more textural, etc.

    Plus, the collection of gorgeous knitwear I have amassed over the years is seriously outstanding.

    Finally: red lips. Always.

    Honestly, dressing for summer is a yawn-fest by comparison.
  • Hebden said...
    12:02 PM
    You know, I'm usually happy about the chance to wear all the sweaters and coats that I've collected over the years (and which I grumble about not being able to wear in the summer).

    At the moment though, not so much...I think it's the post-Christmas blues...the knowledge that it's almost time to take down the fairy lights and decorations generally tends to bring on what Holly Golightly would call "the mean reds".

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