A rose by any other name...is called Cynthia

Whether your feelings towards leggings fell into the love, hate, or plain old ambivalent category you probably always felt that, if faced with a visitor from Mars (or somewhere similarly out of the fashion loop), you could describe them...probably along the lines of "stretchy, covering the leg from waist to ankle, regrettably worn in lieu of pants on numerous occasions, and beloved by Lindsay Lohan".

At least, that was my belief...until I happened upon these sock leggings from Maison Martin Margiela...which are described on farfetch as a "thick knit elastic waist legging with attached socks". Now, not to be overly picky but...aren't leggings with attached socks actually just really thick tights?


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  • kristophine said...
    12:29 PM
    I must concur. I want them, though.
  • mainlymilitary said...
    5:08 AM
    So, I do not really think this will work.

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