"Fool, what have you done?"

"Who persuaded you to cut off the nose of your wife's lover? Wretched husband, that was not the part which outraged you! Fool, what have you done? Your wife has lost nothing by the operation" - Marcus Aurelius

Apologies if you've reached Christmas craft overload...I realize that I posted once already about our origami tree decorations...but, at the time, I neglected to mention project number two (or the great lino cut experiment as it was otherwise known). The last time I put chisel to lino was back in high school so the idea to print our own Christmas cards was at once nostalgic and terrifying (both from the point of view of how much I would have forgotten and whether I would gouge a hole in myself before the project was over).

The end result however was a success...nothing fancy...a few Ho's and a Christmas tree (which must be the punchline to a bad joke)...but infinitely nicer than the store bought, generic variety. Now, instead of sugar plums, I have ideas for lino'd t-shirts dancing through my head...


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