"The closest you will ever come in this life to an orderly universe is a good library" - Ashleigh Brilliant

I'd like to claim that I'm lusting over these floral diaries (part of a limited-edition collaboration between Erdem and Smythson) because I'm fed up with my virtual datebook and yearn for the tactile, traditional, charms of putting pen to paper.

That, at least, would be sensible (well, as sensible as considerations related to a $320 diary can ever be). In reality, I'm ignoring the diary portion completely and focusing on the goatskin cover printed with Erdem's signature blooms...book lover that I am I can't help imagining a fantasy library whose volumes are all bound this way (and...crash...that's me coming back down to earth).


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  • AM said...
    10:24 AM
    As a librarian, I say, "Yay!" to today's quote.
  • site said...
    9:19 AM
    Thanks so much for this post, pretty helpful data.

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