"I will get closure when they close the lid on my casket." - George Williams

It was a classic case of "Add to cart" button hovering...the color and the perforated leather reminded me of a 1930's sports bag that I came across years ago in the basement of a large, country house...it had been too worn to do anything with except give a decent funeral...but this...this was the best of both worlds...a memory and a reality...and there was my finger hovering over the button again. It was also large enough to be really useful and able to be carried over arm or shoulder. What was I waiting for? Click for goodness sake!

The only niggle of doubt was the lack of information regarding closure...surely an oversight...who would create an "I'm going to carry my life around with me" bag yet leave it entirely open to the elements, pickpockets, and other assorted nasties? Would there be even a scintilla of doubt over the question of whether the klutz's among us (i.e. me) would need a bag to actually fasten to ensure that their belongings weren't strewn about wherever they went? Apparently, there would...because I'm reliably informed that that is indeed the case.

The sad/depressing thing about all this is that the memory-based pull is so strong that I'm still having to talk myself down off the purchasing ledge over a bag that I know is essentially useless (from my perspective at least)...


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