"However, the differences between monomania and passion can be very subtle and difficult to recognize..." - wikipedia

The mind becomes stationary; the brain stagnates; the even current of reflection is interrupted; the thinking power of the brain resolves itself into a monotone. As the waters of a tideless pool putrefy by reason of their stagnation, the mind becomes turbid and corrupt through lack of action; and the perpetual reflection upon one subject resolves itself into monomania. - Lady Audley's Secret

It's a well-established fact that our tastes change and evolve as we, ourselves, mature (a much more pleasing phrase that than "get older"...how infinitely nicer to mature like a particularly ripe chunk of cheese or a fine wine). Anyway...our tastes change...and sometimes the “investment pieces” that we spent all that money on in our carefree youth work with the newly evolved version of ourselves...and sometimes they hang around our necks like millstones (until we manage to convince someone on eBay of their i.p. status and recoup some of our losses).

Not that I’ve felt any seismic shifts recently...but I have found myself spending increasing amounts of time pondering pieces that are a little more austere than my usual fare...not plain, just with a certain purity of design. The spanned dress from Canadian based mono clothing, however, was the piece that caused me to make the jump from looking to purchasing.

It was, quite frankly, love at first sight (aided by a 15% discount code...MONOSHOP02, good through the end of the year)...if this is a time for change then all I can say is "Vive l'evolution!"


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  • Megan said...
    4:59 PM
    ooh, thank you for that coupon code--Mono has been on my mind lately...

    and I love the dress! and your boots, as well...
  • Hebden said...
    6:17 PM
    Glad to be of help with the coupon...if you happen to live in Canada it includes free shipping as well.

    Sadly, the picture is not me but from mono's website...I am much pastier ;)
  • CompassRose said...
    8:33 PM
    Argh - thanks a lot! I'm not supposed to be shopping for MYSELF here; tisn't the season.

    But they're Canadian, and my love at first sight was the Infinity Vest, after drooling over a similar piece from NZ-based Ricochet that one particular lookbook poster has been using inventively for ages. On sale! Discount code! Free shipping! I'm already spending like a maniac anyway! Whatever!

    The dress is nice, too.

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