"Any cloth may cover our sores, but the finest silk will not cover our sins" - Henry Smith

Until I started looking for one I hadn't realized that the humble duvet cover came in two forms...1) ruinously expensive...and 2) hideously ugly. Yet that seems to be the case, as numerous excursions to bedding departments have left me wondering why the only options seem to be the covers I could imagine waking up to each morning (yet whose $4-500 price tag would give me many sleepless nights) or the kind of cheap (in looks, feel, and price) cover that you associate with slightly seedy budget hotels.

Before anyone points it out I will admit to being possessed by an inner demon that allows me to rationalize expensive fashion-y purchases yet boggles at handing over a chunk of change for something that I will spend a good portion of my nights under (and something that, if the weather continues to wallow in the depths of -20 wind chills, I could see myself spending several days under as well). Clearly I have issues...in addition to hypothermia and a shamelessly nude duvet.


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  • annemarie said...
    9:14 AM

    I had to deck out four beds when we moved to our new house and bought several 1200 thread count snow white sets for, I don't know how much, but they were cheap.

    They were delivered promptly and were what they said they were. The sellers I used were:

    I also splurged a little bit on a Martha Stewart duvet cover...but her bed linen is so nice! Simple, white lace anglais. Can't remember what seller I got those from, but the two above were great. The sheets are beautiful to sleep in. Come in many colors, but I strictly like white and white only for my bed.

    Your welcome!
  • Hebden said...
    9:20 AM
    Thank you! I don't think I would ever have connected eBay and bed linens...am now dashing off to see what those sellers are offering...
  • annemarie said...
    9:47 AM


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