"...the architecture of movement" - Pierre Balmain

At first glance it doesn't exude the kind of sophistication and elegance that the name Balmain conjures up, but I love the idea of this piece...a chunky, unfinished, sweater smooshed onto a classic sweater dress. I've been thinking quite a bit about dress-y casual recently and this is one-stop-shopping for the whole d.c. idea.

After looking at this, I'm getting an overwhelming urge to try my hand at assembling a deconstructed dress/sweater combo myself...to create my own little fashion Frankenstein, if you will.

(Insert maniacal laughter here...)


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  • Casie said...
    7:46 AM
    I am actually diggin this outfit..sometimes unfinished can look finished. he he!
  • Melissa said...
    6:30 PM
    I agree...I think deconstructionism speaks of the times...or at least what I would like to see in our time (disassembling old ideas and saving the workable bits to move forward and create something new). Thank you for posting, and it is great to see u on Splendicity!
  • Iheartfashion said...
    7:48 PM
    Nice idea. It reminds me of the knitwear of Liz Collins. Please post pics if you do DIY!

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